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CorrigoService.Commands Namespace
Public classAddChildWorkOrderResponse
Public classAddChildWorkOrderRoutine
Public classApStatusChangeCommand
Public classApSubmitPaymentCommand
Public classAssetMatchByTaskCodeCommand
This command allows integration client to search for assets under specified parent; with two additional criteria: (a) only assets belonging to specified categories included into the search; (b) asset model must have task with the specified code.
Public classBaseWoActionCommand
Public classCommandRequest
Specifies the command request abstract class used in the Execute method.
Public classCommandResponse
Specifies the command response abstract class used as return value in the Execute method.
Public classCompositeCommand
Executes commands in sequential manner until first error. Returns an CompositeCommandResponse that contains a list of a CommandRequest for successfully completed commands or error information in case of an error.
Public classCompositeCommandResponse
Contains result of an CompositeCommand.
Public classConvertMoneyValuesCommand
This command converts given value from one currency into another.
Public classConvertMoneyValuesResponse
Public classCostStatusChangeCommand
Public classCreateCommand
Represents a command for creating an instance of a Corrigo entity. Returns an OperationCommandResponse that contains an identifier and a type of the newly created entity or error information in case of an error. The command is not applicable for entities WorkOrder, WorkZone, Space - which have their own create commands.
Public classCreateWoPrintoutCommand
Command returns CreateWoPrintoutResponse.
Public classCreateWoPrintoutResponse
Public classDeleteCommand
Represents a command for deleting an existing entity instance. Returns an OperationCommandResponse that contains an identifier and a type of the deleted entity or error information in case of an error.
Public classEmployeeResponse
Public classFinancialStatusChangeResponse
Public classGeneratePmWoCommand
This command forces "manual" PM WO generation for the specified PM Schedule. Anticipated usage is automated testing to simulate WON workload.
Public classGetCompanyWsdkUrlCommand
Converts a Company Name argument into a fully-qualified URL for WSDK calls.
Public classGetCompanyWsdkUrlResult
Public classGetLicensedProvidersResponse
Public classGetLicensedProvidersRoutine
This command builds a list of licensed providers who are suitable WO assignees by a number of parameters such as Specialty, Customer, Postal Code and timestamp
Public classGetPreferredAssigneesResponse
list of Employee entities
Public classGetPreferredAssigneesRoutine
This command returns list of so-called “preferred assignees” based on Specialty and other parameters. Depending on how instance is configured, this list contains either licensed providers or resources from Specialty-based dispatch list associated with Work Zone/Portfolio.
Public classGetProcedureStepsDocumentsResponse
Public classGetProcedureStepsDocumentsRoutine
This command returns list of documents attached to all procedure steps with temporary URLs to AWS to access these documents.
Public classGetTimeCardCommand
It takes provided User ID and date as parameters and either returns existing Time Card Week record, or creates and returns new one matching these parameters.
Public classInvoiceDisputeCommand
Invoice Dispute Command
Public classInvoiceRecallCommand
This action is supported for posted Customer Invoices linked to WON. It’s used when provider needs to “un-post” Customer Invoice to make additional changes.
Public classLoginResponse
Public classMatchAssetsResponse
Public classMaterialTransactionCommitCommand
Public classMaterialTransactionCommitResponse
Public classOperationCommandResponse
Contains result of an entity operation like Create, Update or Delete.
Public classPortfolioDeleteCommand
This command deletes Portfolio
Public classPostPaymentCommand
Represents a command to set payment state as Posted.
Public classRestoreCommand
Represents a command for restoring previously deleted entity instance. Works only for some entities which support this feature. Returns an OperationCommandResponse that contains an identifier and a type of the restored entity or error information in case of an error.
Public classRetrieveWithCurrencyTypeCommand
This command retrieves currency values for one or more multi-currency entity (Contact, Role, Task, Specialty etc.) by specified currency type. If value by specified currency type is missing, currency conversion will be executed.
Public classRetrieveWithCurrencyTypeResponse
Public classSendWorkOrderCommand
This command sends a Work Order to provider it currently assigned to. WoRecallCommand can be used to alter send message.
Public classSendWorkOrderResponse
Public classSetWorkOrderDependencyCommand
This command is used when dependency between sibling Work orders is set, modified or cleared. Returns master WorkOrder as result.
Public classSpaceCreateCommand
This command allows integration client creating Space and its Unit asset at the same time; while specifying new Unit’s location inside work zone and asset templates for Unit itself, its floor and building.
Public classSpaceCreateCommandResponse
Public classTimeCardActionCommand
It modifies state of Time Card entity defined by pair (Employee, Week).
Public classTimeCardActionResponse
Public classUpdateCommand
Represents a command for updating an existing entity instance. Returns an OperationCommandResponse that contains an identifier and a type of the updated entity or error information in case of an error.
Public classUpdateInvoiceStateCommand
Represents a command for modification invoice state.
Public classUpdateInvoiceStateCommandResponse
Response of UpdateInvoiceStateCommand
Public classUpdateWoInductionAndSafetyStatusCommand
Public classUserOrProviderSuspendCommand
Integration service command class is UserOrProviderSuspendCommand. It’s a direct descendant from CommandRequest.
Public classUserSignInInfoCommand
This is a specialized command returning data related to User’s sign-in activity (“User” in this context means Back Office user, i.e. “Technician”).
Public classVerifyWorkCommand
This command create new WO verification record. This operation has been packaged into custom command to avoid complications such as limiting modifications integration clients can make to Work Verification records; and validating input.
Public classVerifyWorkResponse
Public classWoActionResponse
Public classWoAssignCommand
Allows to assign Work Order to some user. Requires ChangeAssigmentMode (if a Workorder is not assigned to anyone - use Primary mode), Employee.Id of user for an assignment
Public classWoAutoAssignRoutine
Public classWoCancelCommand
Cancels Work Order. ActionReasonId - The Id of a reason from cancel reasons.
Public classWoClearFlagsCommand
Public classWoCompleteCommand
Completes Work Order. Assignment required.
Public classWoCopyCommand
Public classWoCreateCommand
Public classWoFlagCommand
Is used to set flag to a Work Order. Contains reason and comment.
Public classWoLastModificationCommand
Represents a command for retrieving WO last modification date. The WO last modification could be the status change, notes addition, invoices change, etc.
Public classWoLastModificationResponse
Public classWoMessageCommand
Sends Message. This command can be used only for Work Order sent to a connected Service Pro.
Public classWoOnHoldCommand
Put Work Order 'On Hold'.
Public classWoPauseCommand
Changes work order state from 'In Progress' to 'Paused'. Assignment required.
Public classWoPickUpCommand
Changes work order state from 'New' to 'Open'. Assignment is required.
Public classWoRecallCommand
Recalls Work Order. Can be used only to recall a Work Order sent to a connected Service Pro.
Public classWoReopenCommand
Reopens work order after 'Close', 'On Hold', 'Cancel' statuses.
Public classWorkZoneCommandResponse
Public classWorkZoneCreateCommand
This command is used to create new Work Zone. Please note this command accepts new (unsaved/transient) instance of WorkZone entity for which “insert” and/or “update” operations are not allowed, under normal circumstances.Internally, integration services never execute CreateCommand/UpdateCommand for this entity, so this approach works.
Public classWorkZoneDefaultCommand
Public classWorkZoneDeleteCommand
This command deletes Work Zone
Public classWorkZoneOfflineCommand
This command changes Work Zone status to Offline.
Public classWorkZoneOnlineCommand
This command changes Work Zone status to Online.
Public classWoScheduleRoutine
This command is used primarily to prepare scheduling data for the new Work Order: flag “Possibly covered by warranty”, PTE, Priority, Specialty, Duration, GL Account, Vendor NTE, due date etc. It can be also executed for existing Work Order. Allows assign date-time fields such as: creation date, due date, on site by date, duration of the Work Order.
Public classWoSetFlagsCommand
Public classWoStartCommand
Changes work order state from 'Open' to 'In Progress'. Assignment is required.
Public enumerationApiTypes